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There was love I meant, there were accidents
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Not only their blogs are QUALITY, but they’re also AWESOME people. 

In no particular order :)

 You better follow them, like RIGHT NOW! 

:O my jaw literally dropped when I saw this, thank you so much!!! :’) and I’m super happy you like my blog! :D

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Page 1 (9) of the Sailor Moon Manga Coloring Project.


I ain’t gonna lie, I am a little surprised at the amount of notes on this.. It’s barely got any reblogs.. just likes… which is odd..

These need more love guys! Check out simplysailormoon for more awesome manga colorings!!!

Crystal’s work is simply stunning. I can’t understand why they never get the recognition they deserve…

I don’t see it. She gets WAY more recognition than I do. 

3 years ago on 18 August 2011 @ 12:18am 117 notes