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There was love I meant, there were accidents
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Sailor Venus manga coloring by jaknel

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Minako, I….I can’t even.

Who the hell would say that to a kid???

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This gorgeous drawing appeared in Artbook 5 and was featured as the back cover image for the Memorial Song Box.

For many years I’ve loved this picture. All the Solar System Senshi are together here. They’re all happy, and between their happiness and the bright colors, how can you not get caught up in their joy at least a little bit?

It wasn’t until about two days ago that I realized this picture makes no sense at all.

Seriously, scroll back up and look at the picture. What with Chibichibi in the middle, I always assumed this was supposed to be a Stars picture. Ami, Hotaru, and Chibiusa - all the front-and-center characters here - are all dressed for the Stars arc, too.

Now have a look at Haruka and Michiru. Those are… Mugen Gakuen uniforms. You know, the school that was destroyed in the final battle of the Infinity arc. Setsuna also appears to be wearing her Infinity arc garb. Makoto and Minako, meanwhile, are sporting their junior high uniforms, last seen in the Dream arc.

Don’t take me wrong, I still love this picture! It’s just a little… quirkier. :)

(beautiful artbook scan courtesy of Manga Style)

O O* omg now i see it….XD wow

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And this is what perfection looks like. 


What!? We look great together!

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Minako, I wonder about you sometimes.

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