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I got tagged

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I was tagged by: Tsuki-no-kagayaki

1.What is your favorite SM manga arc and why?

My favorite arc would have to be R, I just love the idea of traveling in time and the fact that it confirms that Mamo-chan and Usako will meet each other again in another life and love each other.

2. Favorite SM anime BGM?

Ummm… that’s going to be hard to choose. 

3.Favorite Myu song and why? (if you cannot choose only one you are allowed to make a list ;) )

I haven’t had the chance to watch any of the musicals because every time there was a podcast I was at work. :(

4.Favorite Senshi of the Solar System Sailor Senshi and why?

I love Sailor Neptune, she is just so graceful and a badass, and can play the violin beautifully. 

5.What is your favorite planet?

My favorite planet would have to be Venus. 

6 Have you seen SeraMyu? (tell me your favorite Myu if you have)

Nope :(

7 The most memorable moment in the SM anime?

When Usagi is revealed to be the Moon Princess. 

8 Who do you think has the best style of the Senshi?


9 Favorite shipping?

Usa and Mamoru

10 Favorite Seiyuu (voice actor/actress) of SM?

Kotono Mitushi 

11Things that make you happy no matter how many times you have experienced them before?

Every time the senshi upgrades in power. 

Now here are my 11 questions

  1. Favorite Senshi Fuku?
  2. Favorite Senshi Power up?
  3. Favorite Arc in the manga?
  4. Favorite Arc in the anime?
  5. Favorite Senshi overall?
  6. Favorite Moon cat?
  7. Favorite Episode of the SuperS arc?
  8. Favorite Senshi attack?
  9. Favorite Non canon couple?
  10. Favorite season finale of them all?
  11. Favorite Usa and Mamo-chan moments ever?

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